Take Your Job International

4-Week Live and Work Program
The Internationalists are people who want to cash-in on the freedom of the modern work environment. We coordinate 4-week stays in cities around the globe with a place to live and work, but more importantly, with a community of other like-minded people!

What We Provide:


We set up accommodation for your 4 week stay in each city. You may choose a single or share room, normally with shared bathroom facilities. We work to situate the group in modern buildings within easy reach of the local attractions. 

A Work Space

This is a program designed for people who will be working on their own projects or as remote employees. We will set up our own shared space or access to local co-working space to make sure you able to work when and how you need.


We speed-test our shared work spaces and accommodation providers to make sure you don’t have to worry about down time. 

Social Gatherings

The community is what makes being part of The Internationalists fun! We bring the group together for social gatherings in each destination, you’re sure to have new friends and contacts for life.


Many of our destinations are timed to coincide with local events, festivals, adventure experiences. We coordinate participation for all those wanting to get involved.

What You Need to Supply:

  • Flights to and from the destination you visit.
  • Meals and entertainment costs.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • A Job – We are not an employment agency.